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Fact 1: Radioactive debris is ready to be shipped all over Japan. Fact 2: 1,000 tons of contaminated rubble will be brought to Tokyo by train by the end of October, 2011. It will be burned and dumped into Tokyo Bay.


Please read and sign this petition! Let voices around the world be heard, Japan is not alone!

Nuclear energy has no place in society that wants a clean, healthy and safe environment for the young and old. We have a choice of bringing radiation fears to an end by not utilizing nuclear energy.

How could we put our loved ones in danger with energy sources like this? We have other options though none seems to be more economical than nuclear energy. 

Bottom line, to ensure a better world for generations to come, would you take a difficult path to bring about change OR take the easy way out for selfish personal agendas?




“Please tell Japan to stop spreading radiation by signing this letter (above link).

This letter with a list of signatories will be sent to government officials, media and business leaders with the intention of halting the spread of radioactive material in Japan. Please add your name below and share the letter with others as you see fit. The first round will be closed on Oct. 27th,2011. As of Oct.20th 10:00 am(NYtime) —2,950 signatures!

 www.oneworldnonukes.org [created by NY based Japanese artists who are despaired and feel strongly to do something for their country and beyond.]”




There appear to be campaigns of threats to individuals blogging the truth about geiger readings and other data, over here. It seems that the gov’t and private interests supporting nuclear power will stop at nothing to cover-up or censor any information inside of Japan. My husband and I scour the internet for information as we are in Wakayama Prefecture in southwest Japan, about 660 from the reactors in Fukushima. But most people don’t have the time to do this in Japan, especially in the case of families where both parents work full-time. People are nervous, but in a reserved fashion, don’t talk openly with strangers unless they are surrounded by people they know well…this insanity must stop. I just want to go to my daughter’s school and scream at the top of my lungs , ‘Why would you let your children eat the school lunches when only 65-70% of the ingredients come from local, uncontaminated sources?!’ But this would cause panic, the principal and my daughter’s teacher tell me. They are hired by the state and must follow party line. (facebook comment)


the comment above is really true. sad.

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    見て下さい、お願いします。 Please read and sign this petition! Let voices around the world be heard, Japan is not alone! Nuclear...
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